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Schooling Horse Trials Video Options
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We are honored to be the official show videographer at several Northwest Unrecognized Horse Trials (Schooling Shows) and Derbies!  Check out our calendar to see our upcoming events.  All orders are uploaded to our YouTube channel by default; hard DVD copies are available as well. Be sure to pre-order your DVD or video upload - one less thing to think about at the events!

Price List for Derbies:

  • First round or test - $35.00
  • Two rounds or tests - $45.00
  • Additional round/test beyond the first two, add $15 each

For multiple days or multi-family discounts, contact us.

Price List for Schooling Horse Trials:

  • Dressage - $26.25
  • Stadium Jumping - $26.25
  • Cross Country Jumping - $ 71.25
  • ALL Discipline Package - $101.25

For multiple days or multi-family discounts, contact us.

Extras (add ons to video footage order):

  • Unlisted (private) upload - $20.00
  • Digital file - $20.00
  • DVD copy - $30.00 (s/h included)
  • USB Thumb Drive - $30.00 (s/h included)
Extras & Addons

Derbies & schooling shows



Rider # and Name, Horse Name