You enjoy the moment;

                      let us create the memory.


Primary Objective:  VIDEO the event or individuals.

Maintain equipment
  • exercise great care in working with equipment
  • protect equipment from the elements as much as possible
  • keep equipment together throughout the shoot
  • store equipment when not in use

Be responsible
  • be on time to a shoot, dressed for the weather, informed as to the logistics of a particular shoot
  • know how the equipment works; ask questions, read information, practice
  • honor the recording skills that are required for a particular shoot; seek knowledge
  • work on improving skills with training, education, and practice

Be observant and faithful to the task
  • stay focused
  • be aware of exactly what needs to be recorded at a particular camera station
  • maintain accurate records of what needs to be recorded, especially in such cases where orders are continually being taken during the event
  • treat each customer as an individual of importance and do the best job possible each and every time
  • do not miss a paying customer’s video; bad video is always better than no video
  • observe the battery power indicator on the camera and change before things become critical
  • be observant as to how much space is left to record and replace card at a time when nothing is being recorded
  • label cards as they are recorded with a comprehensible identification
  • label paperwork with any unusual or different incidents that may come up
  • stay in radio contact as needed to improve quality of the shoot
  • contact Project Organizer immediately when problems arise

Represent the business
  • stay friendly to all around
  • accommodate individuals as much as possible
  • work with judges, directors, musicians, etc. to accommodate their needs as well as the needs of the shoot
  • wear product line for easy identification

always act the professional
  • promote our company as united, not looking for individual recognition or future personal business
  • assist where needed
  • assist in setting up and breaking down booth and/or camera stations as requested

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