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Compensation by Project

  • Contracted by the project. 

Compensation is based on:
​Quality of work            

  • accuracy of work
  • efficiency of work
  • knowledge of editing software
  • creativity relating to the project at hand
  • ability to limit creativity relating to clientele desire and/or requirements

​Conscientious worker    

  • consistent email and/or phone contact regarding editing progress
  • care for editing equipment
  • cleanliness of editing bay
  • keeping project together
  • ability to problem solve

Self educating               

  • desire to learn terms, rules, etc. of venues we are recording
  • desire to improve personal editing techniques
  • desire to see finished product (and others) and learn

MovingImagesNW places great importance on providing the opportunity for "in the moment" training of aspiring videographers and editors.  We take pleasure in offering on-the-job experience for those looking to put in time perfecting their skills.  Click on the job descriptions below in order to understand what MovingImagesNW requires in their independent contractors to fulfill the needs of their clientele. 




Daily Wage

  • Length of video shoot and compensation will be identified when videographers are contracted for a shoot
  • ​May negotiate a higher wage if providing their own equipment (camera and/or tripod) With Videography Director approval
  • Compensation bonuses are issued after the editing of the video project is completed. These bonus wages are based on the quality of the video work submitted and the work ethic demonstrated during the video shoot

Compensation bonuses are based on:
​Quality of work            

  • Not missing any paying clients we are contracted to record (refunds to clientel will be deducted from wages)
  • Keeping the subject in the frame
  • Following the subject smoothly
  • Focus and lighting issues correct
  • Filling the frame with the subject
  • Providing footage before and after “prime” footage for editing
  • Good radio usage

Conscientious worker    

  • Punctual, clean and neat presentation to clientele
  • Consistent email and/or phone contact regarding availability
  • Care for equipment
  • Ability to problem solve (weather, technical, or equipment issues)

Self educating               

  • Desire to learn terms, rules, etc. of venues we are recording
  • Desire to improve personal recording techniques
  • Desire to see own work (and others) and learn

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