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promotional videos

Equestrian Vaulting - Sport Promotion

Music: Moderate Tempo, Dramatic, Cinematic
Emotion: Excited, Intense, Moved to Tears, Wow, Astonished, Educated, Random, Inspired
Flow: Slowly, "Popping", Flowing, Graceful

visually grab your audience!

JT Ranch - Facility/Program Promotion

Music: Upbeat, Moderate Tempo, Contemporary, Easy Listening
Emotion: Happy, Educated, Pleased, Call to Action, Invited, Compelled, Curious
Flow: Slowly, Flowing, Narrative, picture in picture

Westmoreland Come Fly With Me - Stallion Promotion

Music: specific piece requested (some editing)
Emotion: Happy, Moved, Educated, Pleased, Wow, Sentimental, Inspired, Call to Action

Flow: Slowly, Flowing, Graceful, Picture in Picture, 2 pictures at once, Narrative

What is WAHSET? - Equestrian Team Promotion

Music: Fast Tempo, Upbeat, Contemporary/Pop
Emotion: Excited, Wow, Educated, Intense, Inspired, Motivated, Compelled, Curious
Flow: Quickly, 2 Pictures at Once, Multiple Pictures at once, Narrative

Aspen Farms Eventing - Facility Promotion

Music: Fast Tempo, Upbeat, Dramatic, Cinematic
Emotion: Excited, Intense, Wow, Astonished, Invited, Inspired, Motivated, Compelled
Flow: Quickly, "Popping", Picture in Picture, Multiple pictures on the screen, Random

Full Playlist of Promotional Videos by MovingImagesNW
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MovingImagesNW will work with your budget to create a promotional video for your facility, your sport, your product, or your horse!  We listen carefully to what you request and set your requested video clips, photos, and text to the music of your choice!  Scroll down to see some of the past promotional clips we have created - we will work with you to create the best possible promotional!

‚ÄčTo get a better understanding on what you are visualizing, please fill out the short survey to the right.  If you are unsure of a question, we are happy to clarify.  You may also print out a survey and mail or email it to us.  Call us for a customized quote!