Creative Beginner Exercises to Develop Thinking Riders

with Shellie Hensley


How do we as Instructors get our beginner riders to think about where they are going and how to control these big animals right from the start and not just “follow the leader”? This session explores creative ways to safely pull riders and their instructors out of the rut and onto the path of thinking and responding during lessons. Be prepared to think “outside the box”.

Running time: 37 minutes

Shellie Hensley's instruction philosophy is "teaching the total horse from the ground up". It is based on a foundation of safety, instilling confidence in riders, thereby enabling the distinct connection with the horse. Shellie is a certified CHA Master Clinician, CHA Site Visitor, and a CHA Board Member. She co-founded H Mill Iron Horsemanship in Iowa, a grassroots program specializing in teaching western and English horsemanship, correct theory, safety, and empathy for the horse.