Educated Eye for Group Lessons

with Beth Powers


By using role play, this session identifies numerous common equitation and balance faults in riders. The audience is then engaged in observing, diagnosing, correcting, and improving these rider issues by thinking through “what is wrong with this picture?” and “what is the root cause of this problem?’ This is a very interactive session that is helpful for all instructors to develop that educated eye.

Running time: 32 minutes

Beth Powers is eager to help instructors improve their skills for teaching students, especially in the group lesson environment. She is a CHA certified Instructor, Overnight Guide, Site Trainer, CHA Volunteer of the Year, CHA 2016-2018 Board President, past Camp Equestrian Director, and AQHA Professional Horseman. She uses her education and knowledge as a presenter for conferences, symposiums and equine fairs and wants to share her knowledge on teaching techniques for riders of all types and skill levels in order to help instructors better their own coaching skills.