Engaging Rider’s Core to Engage the Horse’s Core

with JoAnne Young


These series of exercises and position adjustments help riders develop that “dancing on air” feeling that comes from true balance and accurately timed and placed aids. Learn where those core muscles are and how to engage them in rhythm with the horse’s movement and encourage the horse to relax and engage the proper muscles to “float” over the ground.

Running time: 21 minutes

JoAnne Young is excited that every student and every horse still brings fresh challenges that keep life interesting. She is a CHA certified Master Clinician, a CHA life member, and Houghton College Equestrian Program Professor. With over 40 years of riding, teaching, and training, she still considers herself blessed to have mentored under many gifted instructors nationally and internationally including: Walter Zettl, Bertin Potter, Molly Sivewright, Carel Eijkenaar, Eddo Hoestra, and Doris Halstead. JoAnne is happy she is still learning and finds it a privilege to prepare students for CHA certification through college curricula.