Foundational Lateral Movements

with Jessica Mohr


Schooling figures and lateral movements done correctly do not have to be mundane and difficult to teach in a group lesson. Discover the benefits of the circle being the foundation to all other movements and how to incorporate circles, leg yields, serpentines, shoulder-in, and half pass into lessons in a fun way for both horse and rider. These maneuvers can be taught in a safe, fun, educational format to the entire group at any level.

Running time: 59 minutes

Jessica Mohr truly believes that at the end of the day it's people that matter most and it's through the partnership of the horse that we get beautiful relationships with people. She is a CHA Master Clinician, a competitor, trainer, and coach for all age groups. CHA has played a vital role in her life where she has managed and nurtured several large horse programs. She continues to teach, ride and train at her facility in Oregon. To be a good instructor, Jessica realizes it is important to remain a student, be an athlete, take risks and to lean in.