The Posting Trot

with Cheryl West


Posting seems like a simple idea, rising with the trot stride to soften the horse’s movement. But learning how to improve and perfect the post actually benefits not only the rider, but the horse. Exercises demonstrated in this session help improve rider position and fluidity, to understand how to allow the horse to “help you work”, and learning the overall importance of posting.

Running time: 46 minutes

Cheryl West is passionate about CHA, dressage, and using biomechanics, rhythm and feel to understand the horses language. She is CHA Master Clinician, a PATH Therapeutic Instructor, past Program Director for the American Therapeutic Center, has served on numerous Boards, and is presently involved in various horse organizations. She owns West Equestrian Ranch in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, where she teaches “The Connected Ride” to all disciplines and developing instructors. Cheryl encourages riders that upper level horsemanship can be achieved no matter the discipline, horse, or income.