Western Saddle Fit

with Jochen Schleese


This interactive demonstration evaluates in detail how correct Western saddle fit facilitates optimum performance and promotes back health. Topics discussed include the principles related to conformational differences, the 9 points of saddle fit-both static and dynamic, interchangeable male and female ground seats, and the use of saddle blankets and pads.

Running time: 53 minutes

Jochen Schleese's life-long mission is to prevent saddle related injuries for all horses. He is a German Certified Master Saddler, serves on the Advisory board of Equine Sciences Academy, is an Education Partner with the Ontario Equestrian Federation, and lectures at the German Professional Trainers Association. In 2006, he established Saddlefit 4 Life as an organization to teach saddle fit evaluation and analyses, and to certify professionals in equine and saddle ergonomics. Jochen is a frequent clinician at equine shows, forums, and veterinary conferences worldwide.