Biomechanics of the Horse and Rider

with Mitzi Summers


Regardless of the riding style or discipline, many riders feel that no matter how hard they try, they are missing something. Biomechanics puts the rider back in touch with their innate sense of being with the horse. The techniques of biomechanics are not so much about rein and leg as about re-discovering the body’s own wisdom in relationship to the horse’s movement. Once liberated, a rider usually finds their chosen riding style becomes fluid, easy, and much more enjoyable.

Running time: 47 minutes

Mitzi Summers is a lifelong devotee to the welfare and safety of horses and their people. She is a Certified CHA Master Clinician and a Level IV Centered Riding Instructor. She has been privileged to teach and train beginners to professionals in many countries around the world, mentoring under such greats as Charles Grant, Vi Hopkins, and Sally Swift. Mitzi specializes in working with riders and horses, individually teaching them to train in a non abusive way.